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The Doctors and Staff of Farrell Pediatrics welcome you to our website. In Reston we have been serving the community and our families for over 50 years.

This website is your link to us, giving you all the information you may need about our doctors, locations, insurance and more. The benefit of our years of experience are online, and at your convenience. We will be adding new and improved features as often as we can, but please let us know if there is anything we can add to our website to make it better!

Our staff of pediatricians have routinely garnered the praise of their toughest critics, their patients.

Since 2005, our physicians have frequently been named in our area’s annual “Top Doctors” lists, including Washingtonian Magazine and Northern Virginia Magazine.


Embracing the health of your family from birth to college, Farrell Pediatrics provides care today for your child’s tomorrow!

For appointments and well checks, call today at 703-435-0808.

What we value at Farrell Pediatrics


Our love of children, and our desire to serve them, guides everything we do.  Our love of medicine, and our desire to further our expertise, guides us to be better doctors.


We provide top quality pediatric care from some of the best pediatric physicians in our area.


We are professional, ethical and straightforward.  We are honest and trustworthy in our communications with patients, and are clear about the limits of our expertise.  


We provide accurate information and proper treatment plans.  We take pride in accomplishments, but also acknowledge our failings.  


We provide teaching and education for both parents and children to foster knowledge, skill, and confidence in managing health.  We continually educate ourselves to become even greater resources for our patients.


We believe that it takes a village to raise a child, a we are proud to be part of our patients’ village by offering them a “medical home.”


We are a family business that cares for our children and families as if they were our own.  We rejoice and weep with them because we are family.


We treat our patients, their families, and each other with respect.


We acknowledge that our patients have a choice of providers, and we appreciate their choosing us.

Helpful Advice for Parents

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