Ensuring that your child receives prompt and comprehensive care is our utmost priority. That’s why we partnered with Hello Pediatrics to provide after-hours telehealth services.

Starting June 3rd, when you reach out to us outside of regular office hours, you’ll be seamlessly connected to Hello Pediatrics’ nurse triage line. Their experienced team of board-certified clinicians will assess your child’s condition and guide you through the necessary steps for their care. If a telemedicine appointment is recommended, a detailed medical report will be forwarded to Farrell Pediatrics, afterward, ensuring a continuum of care. In addition, Hello Pediatrics will bill your insurance.

We are committed to providing peace of mind and ensuring your child’s health and well-being.


To best protect our patients, our immunization policy will be updated in 2023. Read our new policy HERE. 


We have new long-term medication policies. Please read the new policy HERE. Failure to comply with these policies will result in termination of prescriptions until patients are compliant with our policies.


Please note that nationwide, current covid vaccines will be expiring soon. No covid vaccines will be available nationwide until the updated 2024 vaccines are released this fall. If your child is in need of a vaccine or booster please call our office Call our office at 1-703-435-0808 for availability and to book your appointments.

Please note that we administer all vaccines to our established patients only.


Please note that as per Federal DEA regulations, it is now required for all patients on ADHD medications to schedule medication check visits every 3 months. Please call our office to book your appointments.


Please CLICK HERE for the latest COVID information from our practice including information on vaccinations, mask use, and returning to sports after COVID.


With the recent formula recall and some formula shortages due to supply chain issues, we’re fielding a lot of questions regarding formula alternatives and/or where to find safe Similac. Please CLICK HERE for helpful information.

When you have arrived to our parking lot, it is necessary for you to call the front desk when you arrive and they will text you when your room is available to eliminate time spent in our waiting room.

Some children with COVID-19 develop issues with their heart that can make exercise dangerous. Click the button below for what you need to know about your child returning to sports after COVID.

“On being a new parent” with Dr. Alice Mar

Wondering what to know about having a baby during the pandemic?

Dr. Alice Mar hosted an online info session, reviewing commonly asked questions about newborns.

Click on the button below to watch the video.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide for the health and well-being of children and their families through comprehensive, compassionate, quality pediatric care.  We offer a trustworthy, supportive, and respectful environment for both parents and children. We partner with families and the community at large to promote pediatric wellness, with an emphasis on prevention and education.

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