Farrell Pediatrics Newborn Q&A

Farrell Pediatrics invites expectant first-time parents to join our complimentary class focused on newborn care.

Monday, June 3 at 5:30pm
1800 Town Center Dr STE 413, Reston, VA 20190

Farrell Pediatrics invites expectant first-time parents to join our complimentary class focused on newborn care. Led by our board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Alice Mar, this informative session aims to equip you with essential knowledge and practical skills to help you confidently navigate the exciting yet challenging first few weeks of parenthood.

What You Will Learn About:
– Newborn care including feeding, diapering, and sleep schedules
– Vaccinations
– RSV protection
– Umbilical cord care
– Tips for soothing a crying baby and ensuring their comfort
– Newborn developmental milestones
– Safety practices, including crib safety, car seat use, and more

Why Attend?
– Get professional guidance from board-certified pediatricians
– Address your questions and concerns in a friendly, open environment
– Meet other first-time parents
– Gain peace of mind knowing you’re well-prepared for this new chapter in life

👉 RSVP: Spaces are limited. Please confirm your attendance through our complimentary tickets available via the button below.

We look forward to welcoming you to this educational and supportive session, designed to make your transition to parenthood as smooth as possible.

Ready to connect? Book an in-person or virtual Prenatal Appointment to meet with our team by calling 1-703-435-0808.


“On being a new parent” with Dr. Alice Mar

Wondering what to know about having a baby during the pandemic?

Our own Dr. Alice Mar hosted an online info session, reviewing commonly asked questions about newborns.

Click on the button below to watch the video.

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