Seasonal Allergies

Also known as “Hay Fever” or “Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis” Your child may be suffering from Seasonal Allergies if he/she has some of the following symptoms: Sneezing Congestion Runny nose Cough Itchy nose/throat These symptoms typically occur during a certain time...

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Sore Throat and Strep

Sore throats are one of the most common illnesses that affect children. There are many different causes of sore throat, the overwhelming majority of these being viruses. Common viral infections that may cause a sore throat include: influenza,...

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Swimmers Ear—Otitis Externa

During the summer months, we start seeing a lot of “swimmer’s ear”, but if your child or adolescent is on a swim team year round, you may be dealing with this problem regardless of the month. Basically, otitis externa...

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