Spring Clean Your Home and Routine

Spring is just around the corner and with it, spring cleaning!  A good spring clean-up is a tradition that promotes wellness by keeping your environment clean and orderly.  But a changing season can inspire change in our routines as well. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be limited to your home; there are lots of ways we can clean up and reorganize our lives.  This spring, try some of these ideas to develop a healthier home and lifestyle for your family.


The history of spring cleaning has roots in Jewish, Iranian and Chinese Cultures.  Cleaning and disinfecting your home is clearly good for your health, but decluttering can work wonders for your mental clarity and well-being too.  Engaging your children in the spring cleaning process not only lightens your load but also teaches them important life skills. The key to their participation is making it fun!  With a little creativity and planning, even the youngest of children can participate.

Get your kids involved



Kid clothing is one of those things that many parents stay on top of year round, but if you haven’t weeded through your children’s closets recently, now’s the time to do so. Lightly worn, outgrown items should go in the hand-me-down or consignment pile. The same applies to footwear.  Pull out any shoes your children have outgrown or that have seen better days.

If your items aren’t fit for passing down, don’t throw them out! Donate them instead to Planet Aid.  It’s good for the environment (keeps textile waste out of landfills) and for people too (they help fight poverty in some of the poorest places on the planet).

You’ve likely seen their yellow bins in parking lots throughout the area.  Planet Aid collects used clothing and shoes and other textiles including bedding, towels, and curtains. There is no need to separate items based on their condition. Even items that are stained, torn, or frayed can be recycled, so drop off your worn-out items, too!  They even take used underwear and socks!  

Find a Yellow Bin


Books and Toys-

As your children grow older, they outgrow more than just clothing.  Now is a great time to sort through your books and toys and remove those that have been collecting dust for some time now. Recycle books that show excessive wear — teeth marks on baby board books, anyone?  Toss toys, games and puzzles that are missing pieces, along with tiny toys collected from kids’ meals and goody bags. Items that are in good shape can be donated or passed down to younger friends or family members. Those that remain should be organized in bins, on bookshelves, or through other creative storage solutions.

Check out these ingenious playroom storage ideas


School Papers-

It’s time to tackle that mountain of papers that’s been stacking up all year. Most of the accumulated flyers, worksheets, and spelling lists can be tossed, or better yet recycled or shredded.  While you can hold on to any particularly special school projects or writing assignments, be discerning with what you keep.

Here’s how to decide what school papers to keep



Now’s a great time to spring clean your routine.  Make positive changes in your family’s lifestyle to enhance your health and well-being by incorporating more of what’s good for you– fitness, sleep, nutritious foods, and water– and less of what’s not– sugar, processed foods, technology and stress.


Now that nature’s hibernation season is over, spring is an opportunity to commit to a new family fitness routine.  If fitness hasn’t been a goal for you before, now is the perfect time to start. As the temps rise, getting outside for exercise should get easier. Here are some simple ways to encourage more physical fitness for your family:

  • Ride bikes together around the neighborhood 
  • Take a hike on a local trail
  • Play sports in your backyard or at a community park
  • Participate in fitness classes offered by Parks and Recreation
  • Go swimming at an indoor pool

March into Spring Fitness- From our blog



Sleep impacts nearly every aspect of your wellness, from your physical health and weight control to your mood and focus. Yet many adults and children don’t get enough sleep.   Lack of sleep can lead to decreased energy, focus/attention problems, mood changes, and academic issues. For healthier sleeping habits this spring:

  • Set a consistent schedule- and stick to it!
  • Create a relaxing pre-sleep ritual
  • Eliminate light in the bedroom
  • Avoid blue screens one hour before bedtime
  • Exercise daily

All About Sleep- From our blog



Committing to a healthy diet can help improve your mood, boost your immune system, manage your weight, and increase your productivity.  Reducing “junk food” is an easy way to get your family started. Processed foods are high in added sugars, salt, and unhealthy fats. Trade them for fresh fruits and vegetables.  Ditch sugary sodas and juices and drink more water. Start slowly by revamping one meal a day, or one day per week, and your family will quickly see the benefits.

Nutrition in November (and year-round!)- From our blog



While technology makes our lives easier in many ways, it can also negatively impact us.  Studies have shown that overuse of technology can hurt our posture, eyesight, physical fitness, relationships and mental health.  Young people are especially at risk for developing harmful technology addictions. Spring is a great time to help your family detox from tech.  

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A happy family is a healthy family.  Whether it’s cleaning up your home, or your lifestyle, this spring, we encourage you to discover brings you joy and brings you together.