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Flu vaccines are here and recommended for all kids 6 months and older!  The flu vaccines have finally started to arrive in our offices! We have received our “big kid” flu (aka dosing for 3 years and up.) We have also received a small amount of our “baby flu” (for kids 6 months to 3 years old).  Unfortunately, there is a national shortage of the baby flu this year, and we will likely not receive the full allotment until November or December. The good news is that if we are low on baby flu, we can give a 1⁄2 dose of the “big kid” flu instead. What are the differences between these flu shots?  The pediatric or “baby flu” is always a 1⁄2 dose of the adult flu. The baby flu that is delayed is thimerosal- (a preservative) free while the adult flu contains a trace amount of this preservative. It is absolutely safe to give the smaller dose of the adult flu to a child less than 3 years. Call to schedule your kids’ flu shots today!
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Featured in the premier issue of M.D. News, Dr. John Farrell Jr. M.D. and his staff of fellow doctors, have routinely garnered the praise of their toughest critics, their patients. Dr. Farrell and Dr. Karp, have been named again in the Washingtonian listing of Top Doctors 2014.

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